24 July 2022, Sun, 12:54

Central working committee meeting held

Jamaat Ameer reiterates the demand for holding fair and credible election under a neutral government

-Dr. Shafiqur Rahman

19 July 2022, Tue, 8:44

Jamaat Ameer provides financial assistance to the flood victims of the Gaibandha district

The government cannot sustain by using administration if the people become united, says Jamaat Ameer

-Dr. Shafiqur Rahman

17 July 2022, Sun, 11:01

Sylhet city arranged financial assistance distribution program for rehabilitating flood victims

The most affected victims will get Jamaat’s assistance on a priority basis, says Dr. Shafiqur Rahman

-Dr. Shafiqur Rahman

8 July 2022, Fri, 10:26

Jamaat Ameer distributes Eid gifts among poor and impoverished people

-Dr. Shafiqur Rahman

2 July 2022, Sat, 11:52

Jamaat leaders continue to distribute gift items among Jamalpur flood victims

-Advocate Matiur Rahman Akanda

30 June 2022, Thu, 6:21

Jamaat Amee distributes food packet gifts among flood victims in Habiganj district

It is our moral obligation to help the flood victims- Dr. Shafiqur Rahman

28 June 2022, Tue, 2:07

Jamaat Ameer distribues gift items in Fenchuganj and Mogla Bazar

Dangers and crises come from Allah as tests and tribulations; it helps to know the nearest one- Dr. Shafiqur Rahman