23 November 2023, Thu, 10:01

Jamaat declares nationwide blockade on Sunday and Monday

-Maulana ATM Masum

22 November 2023, Wed, 11:42

New false case filed against Maulana Shamsul Islam; Acting Ameer condemns

-Professor Mujibur Rahman

20 November 2023, Mon, 9:36

Acting Secretary General thanks the party leaders and activists and the countrymen for making 19th and 20th November's strike successful

Schedule of the one-sided election must be revoked

-Maulana ATM Masum

19 November 2023, Sun, 9:05

Jamaat's registration case: Appeal petition dismissed for default

Acting Ameer expresses concern; calls for mobilizing the ongoing movement

-Professor Mujibur Rahman

18 November 2023, Sat, 10:47

Acting Ameer calls to observe nationwide 48-hour strike on 19th and 20th November

-Professor Mujibur Rahman

16 November 2023, Thu, 8:41

Jamaat-e-Islami declares 48 hour long strike on 19th and 20th November

-Maulana ATM Masum

14 November 2023, Tue, 12:30

28 Jamaat men including a district Ameer arrested; Acting Ameer condemns

-Professor Mujibur Rahman

14 November 2023, Tue, 11:10

Acting Secretary General urges to make 48-hour long blockade successful

-Maulana ATM Masum

11 November 2023, Sat, 10:36

Urged to observe nationwide 48-hour blockade on 12th and 13th November

Democracy is under threat because of the government'd conspiracy, alleges Maulana ATM Masum