17 November 2023, Fri, 9:13

Acting Ameer condemns Israeli’s force’s attack on Gaza hospital and civilian structures, calls to take actions against Israeli war crimes

-Professor Mujibur Rahman

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Acting Ameer and former lawmaker Professor Mujibur Rahman has issued the following statement on 17th November 2023 protesting and condemning Israeli army’s barbarous attack on Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital and Israel’s continuous crimes against humanity in Gaza.

“In all international convention, law and religious norms, the murder of women, kids, ailed and the aged people is absolutely prohibited even during a war. Ignoring and violating all such law and conventions, Israeli forces have murdered the patients, doctors, nurses of Al Shifa hospital, Gaza’s largest hospital and turned the place into a graveyard. The remaining patients are crying for electricity, water and oxygen. By closing the supply of water, power and oxygen, the Israeli forces caused the death of lots of new born and pre-matured babies who were in incubator for survival. The brutal aggressor army is also creating obstructions in performing funerals and burial of the dead bodies. As they are not allowing the Gaza residents to bury the dead bodies, it is becoming rotted and dogs are eating those bodies. We do not have such a painful example of humiliation in the human history. So far, 192 health workers and 101 staff have been killed in Israeli atrocities. We are vehemently condemning the war crimes and crimes against humanity of the Israeli forces, the biggest enemy of humanity.

Acting Ameer said, Israeli army had been claiming that Hamas main command and control is situated under the structure of Al Shifa hospital. With such allegation, they have been carrying raid throughout the hospital but finally found nothing. Israeli authorities have to be accountable for the murders of so many innocent lives and destructions of properties. In the same way, they have murdered more than a million of Muslims in Iraq based on a claim that Iraq possessed significant number weapons of mass destruction.

Unfortunately, United Nations and the global corners have utterly failed to protect Gaza. The Muslim Ummah also failed to stand for Gaza as per the requirement. It is a shame for all of us. We all condemn the double standard policy of the world community.

The refugee camp and the general people who were on the way to Southern Gaza for saving lives, were not spared from the attack of the Israeli forces. The Israel so far killed 13 thousand people in Gaza including 4500 children and 3500 women. Israel has made bombardments of 32 thousand tons and totally destroyed over 40 thousand houses, partially destroyed 2 lakh houses, 54 mosques and 110 general infrastructure like schools, hospitals, clinics, college and Madrasa. Bakery was one of the main sources of food for the Gaza residents. Israeli forces also demolished lots of bakery shops. The trucks which are carrying food and medicines are not allowed to go in Gaza. Israeli rulers have taken this inhuman policy for murdering the people of Gaza without food and medicines. Millions of people around the world have expressed their resentment against Israel for their inhumanities and brutalities.

Whatever is happening with Al Shifa hospital in the name of war are undoubtedly crimes against humanity. Under the circumstance, it becomes important to protect humanity in Gaza. It is compulsory to take position in favor of the oppressed and against the oppressor. We are urging United Nations, OIC and all international organizations and forums to take effective steps to bring an end to the war in Gaza and for securing punitive measures against Israel. Besides, initiatives must be taken immediately to send food, medicines and other emergency items in Gaza. We are also drawing their kind attentions in this regard.