7 July 2022, Thu, 12:06

Jamaat Ameer greets the countrymen on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha

-Dr. Shafiqur Rahman

1 July 2022, Fri, 7:27

Budget for FY 2022-23 passed

Acting Secretary General criticizes; it will not bring any positive impact for the nation, he asserts

-Maulana ATM Masum

25 June 2022, Sat, 12:34

The UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture is to be observed today

Jamaat Ameer demands immediate release of the political prisoners and religious scholars

-Dr. Shafiqur Rahman

13 June 2022, Mon, 10:41

Professor Mujib condemns MP Sheikh Tonmoy’s indiscreet remark about Jihad

-Professor Mujibur Rahman

7 June 2022, Tue, 11:09

Urges OIC to take stern actions to tackle conspiracies against Islam

Jamaat Ameer condemns BJP leader's derogatory remarks against Prophet Muhammad (pbuH)

-Dr. Shafiqur Rahman

18 May 2022, Wed, 11:36

Law enforcers should not favor or oppose a political party, he adds

Matiur Rahma Akanda gives reaction to a report published in Daily Manab Zamin

-Advocate Matiur Rahman Akanda