26 September 2022, Mon

The ruling party’s student-wing created mayhem; It’s involvement with crimes exposed

Nurunnesa Siddika urges authority to bring back the academic environment in Eden College

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s women wing’s Secretary Nurunnesa Siddika has issued the following statement on 26th September 2022 protesting and condemning the admission business, unethical activities, and ongoing terrorism in Eden University College and also for bringing back the congenial and academic environment in the institution.

Eden University College is the biggest and historical institution for women. Around 35 thousand students have been studying in this institution. Thousands of former students of this college are discharging important duties in various sectors of this country. Even the incumbent Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was a student of this college. But the reputation of this college is being ruined now due to various controversial and unethical activities.

The general students became extremely afraid and confined since a severe clash erupted between two factions of the ruling party’s student wing that began on 24th September. Centering the incidents, some gruesome and notorious crimes of the ruling party student wing has been exposed.

There is no environment for education in this institution anymore. The ruling party student wing leaders demonstrated their reckless power frequently. They are involved with admission business, seat business, cantine extortion, and most of all they are forcing the students to illegal activities. We are severely condemning such heinous and ugly activities of the ruling party’s student-wing leaders.

We are drawing the attention of the people to bring an end to this situation and also to ensure a proper and safe academic environment at Eden College. Besides, we are expecting effective measures from the college management, particularly from the principal.