13 February 2022, Sun

-Nurunnesa Siddiqa

Jamaat’s women wing protests the harassment of Muskan Khan, a female student with Hijab in an Indian college

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s women wing’s Secretary Nurunnesa Siddiqa has issued the following statement on 13th February, 2022 protesting and condemning the latest incident as Muskaan Khan, a female student of India’s Karnataka was harassed and barred to enter into her college for wearing Hijab.

Muskaan Khan, the student of PES College of Arts, Science and Commerce in Mandya district was allegedly heckled by a group of students in the college premises for wearing `burka`. The group raised slogan of `Jai Sriram` while surrounding and following her. Muskaan confronted the crowd with slogan of `Allah hu Akbar`. The video is now viral on social media. She did not sell her faith and did not bow down before anyone. Her courageous role has uplifted the image of Muslim women around the world. We are hailing and congratulating her for her brave approach. It is the rule of Almighty Allah to comply Hijab and other religious attires. No state or party or group can disregard this rule.

India is officially a secular state. The Indian constitution ensures opportunity to all citizens for following religious rules. But Muslims have to face adverse situation over there frequently. We are condemning this painful reality and urging everybody to be united for preserving and protecting individual freedom and decency in all aspects.