16 June 2024, Sun, 9:12

Country's geographical integrity and sovereignty is at stake; Secretary General condemns the government’s submissive role

-Mia Golam Parwar

Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and former MP Professor Mia Golam Parwar issued a statement on 16th June, 2024 expressing deep concern over the situation arising from the firing of bullets from Myanmar targeting Bangladeshi boats in the Naf River and condemning the silent role of the government.

"Bullets were fired at the election commission officials carry trawlers on the way back after taking the votes of Teknaf Upazila Parishad elections on last June 5. In another incident on 8th June, bullets fired once again from Myanmar targeting the boats and trawlers carrying bricks, sand and food items.

Bangladeshi boats are being fired at almost every day in the Naf River. On June 11, there was again another shooting incident. Since then, all types of boating are stopped in the area. Under the circumstances, about 10,000 residents of Saint Martin Island are trapped and confined. There is a shortage of food, medicine and daily commodities and anxieties among the islanders. The sick people cannot come to the mainland for better treatment.

Although there is extreme unrest and volatile situation in Saint Martin Island, the Bangladesh government has not been seen to take any effective action so far. It is very sad and unfortunate. The government's main responsibility is to ensure the country's independence and sovereignty and the citizens' lives and properties.

But the government that came to power through dummy elections has no commitment and capabilities and such it is not playing any role in fulfilling that responsibility toward the people. The entire scenario of the region is very disrespectful to an independent sovereign country. It is unfortunate for the nation. We condemn and protest the government's submissive and subservient role in protecting the country's geographical integrity, independence and sovereignty.”