8 May 2023, Mon, 10:52

Selim Uddin produced before the court inhumanly; new cases filed; Acting Ameer condemns

-Professor Mujibur Rahman

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Acting Ameer and former lawmaker Professor Mujibur Rahman issued the following statement on 8th May 2023 protesting and condemning the latest incident as Jamaat’s central executive committee member and Dhaka North city Ameer Muhammad Selim Uddin has been shown arrested in another two cases and subsequently taken into police remand.

Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir’s former Central President, Jamaat-e-Islami’s central executive committee member, and Dhaka North city Ameer Muhammad Selim Uddin was arrested from a discussion program titled ‘The significance of Ramadan and Zakat’, held in Bashundhara of the capital. He was arrested into 8-day remand in two cases in those days.

Now, he was shown arrested in two old cases with Shahbagh and Khilkhet police stations and the court granted 4-day remand against him- which is completely unjustified, inhuman, and a sheer violation of human rights. We are vehemently condemning the incident.

Muhammad Selim Uddin is one of the top leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami and he is involved with various social activities. But the way he was produced before the court is not adjustable to his dignity and honor. Such a bad mannerism had never been demonstrated towards any political leader. The authority has done such inhuman behavior with him just to attain their ill-political interest.

I am urging the concerned authorities to withdraw the false case, filed against Muhammad Selim Uddin, to cancel his remand and also to release him immediately.