12 October 2020, Mon, 10:56

Young men killed in Sylhet and Feni district; Secretary General condemns; demands exemplary punishment of the killers

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Secretary General and former member of the Parliament Professor Mia Golam Porwar has issued the following statement on 12 October 2020 protesting and condemning the murder of Raihan Ahmed in Sylhet and a University student in Feni district.

“Raihan Ahmed, a young resident of Akhalia area of the Sylhet city was killed brutally on last 10 October. Victim family alleged; police had picked him up earlier. Victim family further alleged that, Raihan called them from an unknown number at 4:23 am and informed them that police has brought him in Bandarbazar police station. Raihan informed his family that, police are claiming 10 thousand taka as bribe. Raihan’s uncle went to the police station instantly but police denied him meeting with Raihan saying that he is sleeping. Uncle came back home. At 9 am, Raihan’s uncle again went to the police station but this time they said, Raihan has been taken to the Osmani Medical College Hospital. Rushing to that hospital, he came to know that Raihan is no more. According to the police, Raihan was killed in mob beating but the family denied such claim. Raihan has been murdered, they added.

In another separate incident, a mutilated dead body of a student namely Younus Babu was recovered from a septic tank in Sonagazi area of the Feni district on last 10 October. He was studying in a university in China. The miscreants murdered him brutally centering a chaos for an i-phone. We are vehemently condemning all these murder incidents.
We have been observing with great concern that law and order situation of the country has been deteriorated alarmingly. The country has become unfit to reside in just because of the increasing rate of crimes including rape, abduction, kidnapping, murder and corruption. People’s lives and properties are not safe. Incidents like abduction, rape and murders are being taken place regularly here and there. The government has completely failed to ensure citizen’s safety and security.

I am calling upon the concerned authorities to identify the murderers of Raihan Ahmed in Sylhet and Younus Babu in Feni district through proper investigation to ensure their stern punishment.