19 September 2020, Sat, 11:29

Incumbent fascist government wants to linger its tenue by ill-means, alleges Mia Golam Porwar

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Secretary General and former member of Parliament Professor Mia Golam Porwar said, whenever nation faces suppression, oppression, injustices and tortures, in those bad days, it is the journalists who are making efforts to revive the good conscience of the countrymen. He further stated that, in one hand, the government is subduing the voice of the media by enacting black laws like ‘Digital Security Act’ while on the other, they are imposing legal and administrative oppression against Jamaat-e-Islami and other opposition parties. Jamaat’s Secretary General stated that, Jamaat has always backed the movement for ensuring press freedom and freedom of speeches. Although the incumbent fascist government wants to linger its tenue by ill-means, they would be collapsed soon, Professor Porwar hoped.

He said this while addressing a virtual discussion program arranged by Dhaka Journalist Union (DUJ) Marking the Day of Disappearing Press Freedom today. BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir addressed the program as the chief guest.

Mia Golam Porwar said, the Day of Disappearing Press Freedom is being observed today to remind us the black law titled ‘Digital Security Act’ which has been enacted on this day of 2018. Earlier, on 25 January of 1975, the then government of Awami League shut down all the newspapers except just 4 dailies. So, it is their historic tradition to impose bar and hindrance upon the media and journalist communities.

Mia Golam Porwar said ‘Digital Security Act’ is a black law. 14 of the 20 sections of this law have been enacted as unbailable status. This law also enables to police to arrest anyone on suspicion. As such, police are arresting many people now days to meet the political agenda of the government. But ultimately most of their charges are remained unattended and unproved. So, this law causes great miseries and sufferings for the general masses, particularly for the opposition party’s leaders and activists.

Jamaat’s Secretary General claimed that this law clearly against the spirit of human rights and it must be annulled shortly. He further stated that earlier this law was an ICT act. It had been enacted in 2006 and amended in 2013. Since then, people are being suppressed and oppressed brutally. All human rights organizations have condemned this black law. The editor council, the platform of the veteran Editors formed a human chain on 19 September of 2018 protesting against this law. Extending my solidarity with the journalist community, I am also calling for cancelling this act immediately.

Mia Golam Porwar alleged that a tyrannical and undemocratic government always mulls to enact such black law to continue its authoritarian rule. They are afraid of votes and public voices. If the people are able to cast their votes freely, this government cannot hold its office even for moments. Knowing such reality, the government is making one after one black law. They do not want to let the fellow countrymen to raise their voice or to express their views anyhow.