9 September 2020, Wed, 11:26

Secretary General urges authority to curb the price hike of the essentials

Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and former lawmaker Professor Golam Porwar has issued the following statement on 9 September 2020 expressing deep concern over the price hike of the essential commodities.

Prices of the essential items are on the rise alarmingly. Prices of rice, lentils, oils and all other necessary commodities have increased from 10 to 100 percent. Within a span of one month, price of rice has increased 7 taka per kilogram, price of flour and wheats also increased by 10 taka per kilogram, per kilo onion is 30-40 taka higher than the last weeks. Besides, prices of garlic, sugar, eggs and oils have increased as well. Even the prices of greens and vegetables are also higher than recent weeks.

People’s consuming capacity have decreased massively due to the impact of coronavirus. Many people have lost their jobs and business and their means of incomes have become rigid as well. Under such circumstances, this price hike would be huge blow for the general masses.

There is no valid reason behind this sudden price hike. Actually, some opportunist traders intentionally increased the commodity price as there is no strict monitoring from the government over the markets. The government has failed to run the country properly and they substantially failed to control the price hike of the essentials as well. Every day, ruling party’s corruption and irregularities are being exposed in all sectors.

In this backdrop, I am urging the concerned authorities to check the price hike and to bring the essential’s price within people’s purchase capacity.”