10 July 2020, Fri, 12:10

Expatriates are being forced to back home; Jamaat Ameer blames government for its negligence and irresponsible actions

Calls to take punitive measures against the human traffickers

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Ameer Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 10 July 2020 expressing deep concern over two incidents as 144 Bangladeshi migrants have been rescued in Macedonia and another 147 Bangladeshi people have been forced to return home from Italy.

Authorities in North Macedonia found 211 migrants, including 144 Bangladeshis, packed into a truck near the town of Gevgelija at country's southern border with Greece during a routine check on a regional road. While 147 people have been forced to return from Italy on 10 July.

Such incidents of human trafficking are being taken place frequently due to the reluctance of the government and its weakness. In some occasions, people are being killed miserably. The family of 144 migrants, who have been rescued in Macedonia are passing days amid tensions and worries. They are eagerly waiting to receive their family members.

Due to adverse impact of coronavirus pandemic, people are already in great sufferings from financial perspective. Whereas, 147 expatriates, who have been forced to back home, would put their families in deep troubles. Denying access to these expatriates is unfortunate and it is shameful for the nation. Media reports reveal that, these expatriates have been denied access to Italy as they appeared in their immigration with the fake negative certificate of covid-19 diagnosis. The authority of Italy closed flights from Bangladesh to Italy for next three months. These expatriates have to return home because of the negligence, irresponsibility and extreme mismanagement of the government.

I am urging the concerned authorities to take strong punitive measures against those who are involved with human trafficking. The victims must be returned back to their families immediately. The incidents of Italian immigration and expatriate’s return must be probed as well. Finally, I am calling upon the authorities to pay due compensation to the expatriates who were forced to return from Italy.