10 July 2020, Fri, 12:10

Dr. Taher urges to bring an end to the increasing trends of corruptions and irregularities in the health sector

Nayeb-e-Ameer of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and former lawmaker Dr. Syed Abdullah Mohammad Taher has issued the following statement on 10 July 2020 urging the concerned authorities to save and protect the health sector from the massive trends of corruption.

“The entire nation is suffering from corruption and irregularities. During the ongoing pandemic situation, the fellow countrymen are deprived from due medical care. Whilst, the increasing reports of corruption have astonished the nation. Significant number of people are dying every day. Though several months have elapsed since the pandemic affected Bangladesh, still the authority failed to take effective measures to tackle this issue. But centering this pandemic, several non-government hospitals started providing treatment after getting nod from the health departments. But they deceived the people in many ways which is nothing but a mockery with the affected people.

The corruption and irregularities of the Regent hospital and JKG healthcare have created new crisis and negative impression among the general masses. Some laboratories are giving report even without diagnosis. They are giving report and certificates by assessing the symptoms of the patient. By distributing fake certificates, these hospitals have increased new level of corruption in this sector. As a result, general people are becoming afraid to receive treatment in hospitals.

We think, receiving medical care is one of the basic rights of the people. To ensure such facilities, we must take immediate initiatives in this regard. Besides, the corrupted personnel must be brought into the justice. So that, no one dares to get involved with such irregularities in future.

Finally, I am urging the concerned authorities to take stern actions to stop corruption in the health sectors in order to ensure proper treatment of the countrymen.