4 July 2020, Sat, 3:34

Secretary General reiterates his position against government’s decision of closing jute mills and factories

Urges to pay all the due payments, PF and gratuities immediately

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Secretary General and former lawmaker Professor Mia Golam Porwar has issued the following statement on July 4, 2020 expressing deep concern over the government’s decision of closing all the state-owned jute mills and simultaneously urging the authorities to pay all the dues to the laborers immediately.

The government on 2nd July has closed 25 Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation (BJMC) owned jute mills and factories. These factories accommodate some 50 thousand laborers and workers, who have been working there on permanent and temporary basis. All these laborers have been terminated by the authority in the name of ‘golden handshake’. Earlier, the government closed another 5 factories in the similar golden handshake process but still those workers did not receive their due payment, PF and gratuities. This time, the government terminated these huge number of workers and as such these workers are passing days amid severe frustration and uncertainty. But the government had the previous record of violating commitment. Besides, the government did not announce any specific directives to rehabilitate these terminated workers.

Popularity and acceptance of jute and jute-made products have increased worldwide. But putting the cause of continuous loss in forth, the government has decided to shut down the jute factories- which is an irrational move. Such incident of closing so many factories at a time is unprecedented.

Textile and Jute Minister in a press meet stated that, the government has shut down the factories to find a way out to reform and modernize these factories in order to make it more competitive. Such remarks of the jute minister created confusion among the people. We are of the view that, factories can be updated and modernized even keeping it open and functional. As such, the decision of closing the factories is illogical. Government’s decision can be considered like cutting the head for headache.

We think, by resisting corruption and promoting accurate management and also by taking proper decision, these factories could be kept open and functional.

Amid the ongoing pandemic situation, already people are being forced to lead a deplorable life as many of them have lost their jobs and business opportunities. Under such circumstances, the decision of shut down factories is undoubtedly suicidal.

I am urging the concerned authorities to consider the suffering of the general masses and also to repeal the decision of closing jute factories. I am calling upon the authority to undertake right and proper measures in this regard.