3 November 2019, Sun, 8:07

Samim Md. Afzal’s massive corruption exposed; Maulana Masum criticizes government for their indulgence

Assistant Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Maulana ATM Masum has issued the following statement on 3 November 2019 expressing deep concern over a recent incident as the corruption and irregularities of Islamic Foundation’s Director General Samim Md. Afzal, has been proved and confirmed by a government assessment.

“I am deeply worried and concerned as several allegations of corruption and irregularities of Islamic Foundation’s Director General Samim Md. Afzal has been proved through government’s report. He also admitted his offence and subsequently returned 32 crore takas to government fund. The countrymen are highly surprised and shocked over such incidents of corruptions.  

Holding the top post in a religious institution like Islamic Foundation, he has owned lots of illegal wealth and money. We cannot understand how such a self-confessed corrupted person like him became able to discharge his duty in this institution for so long time. Not only Samim Afzal, many corrupted personnel like him have been created in last 10 years in every spheres of the society. They are depriving the general masses and embezzling unprecedented amount of money. As such, the number of corrupted millionaires has increased 4 times in last 10 year under this government.

Holding the key position in Islamic Foundation, this man, Mr. Samim Md. Afzal has ruined the Islamic cultures, traditions and heritage by all means. He put a stigma on the face of religious communities by getting involved with such corruptions. He had been accused of same allegations of corruptions several times earlier. But the government took no punitive measures against him. If the government could resist him in earlier occasions, he would not be able to make such voluminous corruptions. He made such irregularities due to nepotism and open indulgence of the government. The recent report reveals his corruption in just one sector. So, from this reality, his mountainous corruptions in other sectors can be assumed as well. All the allegations of corruptions, irregularities and money embezzlement must be probed fairly against him.

The government pay him salary based on people’s taxes. It was his duty to protect and preserve Islamic Foundation. But instead of doing so, he made corruptions and deceived people massively. A faithful believer can not commit such an offence at all.

I am urging the concerned authorities to investigate all the allegations, which came up against Mr. Samim Md. Afzal and also to take punitive actions accordingly.