17 April 2024, Wed, 11:53

Comilla city Jamaat’s post-Eid reunion held

Everyone has to play active role in the movement of establishing Islam

-Maulana Rafiqul Islam Khan

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Assistant Secretary General Maulana Rafiqul Islam Khan has said, it is a great privilege to get the chance of getting involved with the Islamic movement. So, the leaders and the activists of this movement should not have minimum confusion and hesitation in this regard. Particularly, the former leaders of Islami Chhatrashibir have to play pivotal role. The activities of the Islamic movement must be given priority. The highest Jihad is to act sincerely for securing the victory of the Islamic movement.

He said this while addressing a post-Eid reunion organized by the ex-leaders and activists of Islami Chhtarashibir, Comilla city. Central working committee member of Jamaat-e-Islami and Comilla city Ameer Kazi Deen Muhammad presided over the meeting which was hosted by city secretary Professor AKM Emdadul Haq Mamun. Among others, Comilla city Jamaat’s Assistant Secretary Kamruzzaman Sohel, Mosharraf Hossain and Nasir Ahmed Molla addressed the program.

Rafiqul Islam Khan further said, the main objective of establishing Islam is to free the nation from the clutches of the dishonest, and corrupted leaders. Jamaat wants to provide a sincere, patriot and honest leadership. To produce such leadership, Chhatrashibir has been working since the onset of its journey. So, ex-Shibir leaders and activists have no option to keep themselves away from this movement.

A Muslim’s basic duty is to be fearful of Allah. A believer can never be afraid of the worldly power or forces. The main lesson of the month of Ramadan is to attain Taqwa. We have to be loyal to the leadership of the Islamic movement. We have to spend from the resources, given by Allah. Only then, we can achieve success in the hereafter.

Rafiqul Islam Khan said, the evil forces want to defeat the Islamic forces. But we should not be afraid of them. We have to convey the message and sermon of Islam to the people actively.