8 March 2024, Fri, 11:45

Jamaat members should offer highest sacrifice to protect country’s independence and sovereignty

-Dr. Syed Abdullah Mohammad Taher

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Nayeb-e-Ameer and former MP Dr. Syed Abdullah Mohammad Taher has said, no election was held on last 7th January. In the name of election, the countrymen were insulted and humiliated on that day. The world observed that the people did not went to the polling center on that day. It was nothing but a wastage of money. People’s voting rights have been hijacked and all preparations were made to establish a dummy government. This government has no public mandate and this is why, they cannot bring financial discipline back in the country. The government cannot control the market or the price of the essentials. Dollar crises are becoming acute every day. The scheduled banks are repeatedly denying the recommendations of the central bank. Under the circumstances, Jamaat members should offer highest sacrifice to protect country’s independence and sovereignty.

Dr. Taher said this while addressing a member’s conference organized by Narsingdi district Jamaat-e-Islami today. He said, the ongoing repression of the government will bring their ultimate downfall. It will be regarded as the government of hatred. No one will be able to subdue citizen’s rights forever. Repression and crackdown are not the permanent solution.

Jamaat’s Secretary General and former MP Professor Mia Golam Porwar addressed the program as the special guest. Besides, Jamaat’s Assistant Secretary General Hamidur Rahman Azad, Dr. Samiul Haq Faruqee and Dr. Khalilur Rahman Madani spoke on the occasion. The conference was presided by District Ameer Maulana Mosleh Uddin and it was hosted by district secretary Maulana Amzad Hossain.

Professor Mia Golam Porwar said, the nation is crossing a critical situation. In this situation, all Islamic parties must be united. Jamaat has been working to establish a welfare state. Jamaat members should convey the message of Islam in every house. He said, to save the nation from torture, repression and exploitation, the organizational base must be strengthened. Our lives should be maintained as per the directives of Almighty Allah. We must speak the truth and continue our effort for establishing the truth and justice.

Hamidur Rahman Azad said, it is the natural task of a party to create public perception in its favor. Public opinion and choices are being reflected through election. The electoral process of Bangladesh is about to expire and people cannot select their preferable and qualified leader. We have to motivate the people in this situation by expanding our Dawah activities and social reform initiatives.

Dr. Samiul Haq Faruqee in his address put emphasis on acquiring the qualities of good Muslims. He urged the members to tackle the crisis with patience.

Khalilur Rahman Madani said, there is no difference between the creed of Jamaat and Ahl-Sunnah wal Jamaat. Jamaat is moving forward by following the path of the companions and their successors. Jamaat’s basic characteristic is to uphold the sacrifice and dedications of the prophet’s companions. Jamaat will establish a welfare state by maintaining this characteristic insha Allah.