14 January 2022, Fri, 6:11

We will continue to make effort to build ourselves as per the Quranic principle in order to repair our society and the nation- Dr. Shafiqur Rahman

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Ameer Dr. Shafiqur Rahman said, as a nation we are very ashamed. Gradually Bangladesh is becoming a bankrupt nation as it is losing all good stuffs gradually. Though many years have elapsed since the independence, but the people’s hope from liberation are not met yet. After the landslide victory of Awami League in 1970 election, the then ruler of West Pakistan deprived them from power. The West Pakistani rulers ignored public mandate which caused severe resentment among the people of this region, which ultimately exposed through the war of liberation.

He said this while virtually addressing a leader’s conference organized by Dhaka city South unit today. Central Executive committee member and Dhaka City South Ameer presided over the program. Jamaat South City Secretary and party’s central working committee member Dr. Shafiqur Rahman hosted the event. Among others, party’s acting Secretary General Maulana ATM Masum, Assistant Secretary General and former lawmaker Hamidur Rahman Azad, Assistant Secretary General Maulana Abdul Halim, central executive committee member Advocate Matiur Rahman Akanda also spoke on the occasion as the special guest. While, central Majlish-e-Shura member and Dhaka city South’s Assistant Secretary Abdul Zabbar, working committee member Professor Mokarram Hossain Khan and Shamsur Rahman and many others were also present at that time.

Jamaat Ameer said, if the West Pakistani ruler demonstrated due respect to the public mandate, we would not have to face such experience. Whatsoever, a Muslim’s family life, his social life and other responsibilities are very important. But lots of conspiracies are going on to keep the Muslims away from such sense of responsibilities. As a worker of Jamaat-e-Islami, we are self-dedicated to Allah’s loyalty. This is why, we will continue to make effort to build ourselves as per the Quranic principle in order to repair our society and the nation. Who have always opposed us, we are considering them as our nearest one and we will pray for them seeking their guidance towards the right path.

Nurul Islam Bulbul said, we all have to evaluate our performance as a dedicated worker of the Islamic movement. If we fail to keep us accountable then we will not be able to discharge our duties properly. We have to make our manpower involved with all the declared programs. We will make attempt to produce good leadership so that they can attain supremacy in this world and also become able to achieve satisfaction of Almighty Allah. For the sake of establishing Islamic state, all believers should play a balanced role to tackle all types of misconception and confusion.