4 November 2021, Thu, 6:18

Jamaat holds press conference regarding country’s latest situation

Acting Secretary General urges to take stern and effective measures to curb nationwide offences

A virtual press conference was arranged by Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami on 4th November. In the press conference, Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Acting Secretary General Maulana ATM Masum upholds the party’s position in regards to the latest situation of the country. Among others, Jamaat’s Assistant Secretary General Maulana Abdul Halim,central executive committee member and Central Publicity Affairs Secretary Matiur Rahman Akanda, party’s central executive committee member and Dhaka South city Ameer Nurul Islam Bulbul, central executive committee member and Dhaka North city Ameer Muhammad Selim Uddin were present on the occasion. The speech of the Acting Secretary General is given below:

“We are here amidst a critical period of the nation. The nation has been suffering from a suffocating situation for last 12 years. Country’s democracy, rule of law and human rights are completely subdued now. Corruption, money embezzlement, bank looting, Destiny, Hallmark and capital market scam has ruined the economy. Massive corruption in the health sector turned the entire healthcare system into a disaster. During the covid-19 pandemic, the bankruptcy of the health ministry has been exposed to the nation. Recent incident of missing 17 important files of the health ministry is being considered as a new phenomenon of corruption and irregularities.

There is no discipline within the administration. The authority did not hijack people’s voting rights only but also destroyed the entire electoral procedures of the country. Anarchy and chaos also grasped the education sector. Meritorious and talented students are being murdered in a planned and selective way.

The opposition parties are not allowed to hold procession and rallies. The medias are not allowed to exercise freedom of speech. Digital Security Act also snatched the people’s rights to expression away. The law enforcers are being used as political cadres. The authorities also tried to shift the blames of their own upon someone else. Immediate after an incident, the concerned authorities always tried to accuse Jamaat-e-Islami and Chhatarshibir for the occurrence even without any investigation. Jamaat leaders and activists have been taken into police remand and tortured brutally in connection with some false cases. But, later the nexus of the opposition cadres with those incidents have been revealed.

On 13th October, tragic incidents took place centering placing holy Quran in a Hindu altar in Comilla. Then some similar incidents happened in other parts of the country. But in all occasions, likely the previous trend, the government tried to blame the opposition for the offences. But within some days, the connections of the ruling party cadres have disclosed.

Earlier, Jamaat-Chhatrashibir and the opposition quarters have been blamed for the incidents of attacking the minority as well. We are here describing some incidents of ruling party people’s nexus with such ill-incidents:

  1. On January of 2014, Awami League and Jubo League cadres attacked the Hindu temples in Krishnapur under Noakhali district. Local organizers lodged case against 10 Awami League activists for their involvement with the incident.
  2. Awami League men also attacked Hindu houses in Tangail. Then writ plea filed in the High Court seeking its remedy and the honorable court instructed to arrest the involved Awami League cadres immediately.
  3. After the election of 5th January of 2014, Jubo League cadres intentionally went to vandalize Hindu people’s houses and temples in Santhia of Pabna district but all of them were caught red handed.
  4. On 5th March of 2013, Jubo League cadres caught by the people while attempting to vandalize local Shaheed Minar.
  5. Chhatra League activist were nabbed while attacking a military vehicle in Feny district.
  6. Jubo League activist was caught on 3rd September of 2013 while stealing Shib idol from a Hindu temple in Mymensingh
  7. Following the controversial election of 2014, Jubo League activist was caught red handed while setting fire at Hindu people’s houses in Satkhira. Later, the district court sentenced the offender with one year imprisonment.
  8. Jubo League’s 3 activists were detained by the police forces while hurling petrol bombs in a bus in Magutra district in 2014.
  9. Pro-Awami League teacher was arrested in connection with the incident of blazing a school building.
  10. After the controversial election on 5th January of 2014, multiple incidents of minority attacks took place in Avaynagar of Jessore district. Later, the elected Awami League MP Ranjit Kumar Roy said, his party opponent and local Awami League leader Sheikh Abdul Wahab’s cadres plotted the attack incident. But Prime Minister and her cabinet colleagues had started blaming Jamaat-e-Islami from the onset and several news in this regard were published in the national dailies in those days.
  11. Jubo League attacked on 12 Buddhist temples and 34 houses in Ramu of Cox’s Bazar on 29th September of 2012.
  12. During this regime, in particular, centering the farcical election of 2014, the government became reckless in the wake of the peaceful movement of the people and conducted several attacks on the minority houses, temples and other establishments. The minority people of our country have become the victim of Awami League government’s false propaganda and vindictive politics.
  13. On 30th October of 2016, central Awami League leaders blamed Jamaat-e-Islami for the attack on Hindu people’s houses and shops in Nasirnagar of Brahmanbaria. Jamaat condemned their claim by issuing statement. But the local Hindu people accused Awami League leaders and activists and a minister for the attack. It was also revealed that the attack incidents took place due to factional clash between the then ruling party MP Sayedul Haque and Muktadirdistrict Awami League’s general secretary AL Mamun Sarkar. Centering the Nasirnagar incident, within 5 days, AwamiLwague expelled UpazilaAwami League Vice President and Sadar Union chairman Abul Hashmen, Haripur Union President Faruk Mia and Chaportola union President Suruj Ali for their involvement with the minority attack incident.
  14. Gaibandha district’s ruling party MP Monjurul Islam Liton was killed in 2017. Without any investigation, Prime Minister blamed Jamaat for the murder while addressing a conference at her government residence ‘GanaBhaban’’. Police also arrested several local Jamaat activists instantly. But the Premier’s speech complicated the whole situation. Later, police arrested ruling party led grand alliance partner Jatio Party’s Presidium member and former MP Abdul Qader Khan for his involvement with the murder. Another accused of the case and local Awami League leader Chandan Kumar Goswami escaped to India. The trial court also sentenced Abdul Qader Khan with death penalty for his proved crimes. But this incident is a clear example that how ruling party’s top brass including the Prime Minister initiates blame game immediate after an occurrence.
  15. On March of 2021, another minority attack incident took place in ShallaUpazila of Sunamganj. The witness of the incident AshimChakrawarti and Dipak Das told media that Union Jubo League President Shahidul Islam openly campaigned to conduct this attack on the Hindu minorities.
  16. After the incident of derogation of the holy Quran in Comilla, instead of arresting the offenders swiftly, they try to complicate the situation. Protesting the incident, musullis in Chandpur district’s Haziganj. But police opened fire against the procession and 4 people were killed instantly. Around 50 people got injured as well. But ignoring the initiatives of controlling situation, government backed cadres attacked the Hindu establishments and intensified the situation.
  17. On 17 October of 2021, another incident of attacking and vandalizing the Hindu houses, looting and arson took place in Peerganj of Rangpur district. At least 50 houses and shops had been vandalized and looted. The government once again blamed others for the incident. Several Jamaat men were arrested accordingly. But later, it has been proved that Carmichael College Chhatra League leader Shaikat Mandal and his associates made the incident.

Immediate after an occurrence, the government is used to blame Jamaat and Chhatrashibir. For this strategy, in one side, Jamaat and Chhatrashibir are becoming the victims of repression and while on the other real offenders are being spared. Instead of bringing the real offenders and the masterminds of this minority attack incidents, the government is playing a tricky political game. So, the situation gets worsened. To get rid of such situation, following measures should be undertaken immediately:

  1. The tendency of blaming opponent political parties for all occurrence must be avoided. All false cases to be withdrawn.
  2. Actual offenders must be brought to justice through proper and impartial investigations.
  3. Political game with the ‘minority card’ must be stopped.
  4. Effective measures should be taken to provide security to the Hindu houses, temples and other establishments.
  5. Proper investigation of all previous incidents of minority attacks should be carried out.
  6. Steps should be taken so that the administration can discharge its duties professionally, sincerely and fairly.

Dear fellow journalists,                                            

I am concluding my speech by thanking you as you have listened to my speech patiently.