20 July 2019, Sat, 9:31

Mia Ghulam Parwar urges government to take action against Priya Saha for her anti-national comments

Nayeb-e-Ameer of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and former lawmaker Professor Mia Ghulam Parwar has issued the following statement on 20 July 2019 protesting and condemning the false and ill-intentional comment of Mrs. Priya Saha, the general secretary of Bangladesh Hindu-Buddhist-Christian Unity Council, which she has made while meeting US President Donald Trump on last 18 July.

“While meeting US President Donald J Trump, General Secretary of Bangladesh Hindu-Buddhist-Christian Unity Council Priya Saha said, the Muslim fundamentalists of Bangladesh had grabbed the lands of the Hindu minorities and set fire on their houses. I am vehemently protesting and condemning her false and concocted comments. Her statement is politically motivated and ill-intentional.

Centering few scattered incidents, she has made the irresponsible comments that went completely against the interest of the country. Such an unlawful endeavor is unexpected and unwanted.

Through her untrue statement, she has tarnished the image of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is land of communal harmony. People of all faiths have been living here peacefully for years. But she used the minority cards and conducted some intentional campaigns in order to foil that convenient atmosphere. She has tried to demean the country as well. Already, different quarters have protested her smear campaigns.

In the same occasion, she further added that, 37 million minorities have been disappeared in Bangladesh. But this country does not own such a huge number of minorities. Then how they would be disappeared? These wrong statistics proved her comments wrong. Her comments are being considered by many analysts as sedition. Under the circumstances, we are urging the government to take stern punitive measures against her.