12 July 2019, Fri, 8:09

Alarming rise in child rapes; Secretary General expresses concern

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Secretary General Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 12 July 2019 expressing deep concern as the number of rape incidents, particularly rape against children have alarmingly increased in the country in recent times.

“I am expressing deep concern as the number of rape incidents, particularly rape against children have alarmingly increased in the country in recent times. It becomes a horrifying national crisis.

The countrymen are highly tensed and worried about the increasing number of rape incidents. The way, ill crimes like rapes against women and children are being increased in Bangladesh now, are apparently worse than the age of darkness and ignorance. On 10th July a girl of grade six was raped inside a running train. The most regrettable fact is, police did not take any initiative for this girl’s treatment, though they left her alone inside the police station for 12 hours. This is the much talked about issue now. As the subsequent outcome of rape, women and children are being killed as well. Even the people, who raise their voices against such criminal offences, are also being killed consequently. The incumbent authority paying no heed to this situation. Such a disastrous atmosphere can never be created if the democratic practices and rule of law exist in the country.

A recent statistic reveals at least 164 children were raped in the first quarter of 2019, but the rapes doubled within three months, ballooning to 332 from April to June at 102%. The numbers indicate that at least 496 children were raped in the first six months of the year, with a minimum 82 victims per month.  23 children were killed after rape. Besides, 74 children were made victims of attempted rape in the last six months, it added. This year, the incidents of child rape have increased by 41 per cent from last year.  A total of 571 incidents of child rape took place in 12 months last year. In last 5 year (2014-2019) of the present government, 5,274 women and 3980 children were raped. 945 became the victim of gang rape.

The aforesaid statistics expose the ongoing gruesome situation of the country. Women and children are not safe anywhere now including the bus, train, launch, offices, homes, school, college, madrasa etc. Even the rape and subsequent murder is being taken place against the home maids. Very short glimpse of the present critical situation is being published in the media, but the situation in reality is worse.

Such crimes are being increased due to moral degradation. Irresponsible and unethical education, addiction and increasing rate of vulgarism in cinema and drama are the key reasons behind this social cancer. Only Islamic education system based on Quran and Sunnah can ensure real peace and salvation to the mankind. As such, good conscience must be nurtured and brought in forth to ingrain humanity, moral values and fear of God in people’s mind.

The sloth trial procedure of the perpetrators are inspiring other criminals to repeat their offences. To bring an end to these ill-practices, the offenders must be arrested and brought to the justice immediately. In addition, emphasis should be given on following Islamic rules and regulations at all social spheres.

I am urging the concerned authorities to take immediate effective measures to stop and prevent the incidents of rapes against women and children and other offences including acid violence and murder.