2 July 2017, Sun, 8:07

Innocent Muslims are becoming the worst victim of communal attack in India

Secretary General urges Indian government to stop killing drive against Muslims in the name of protecting cow

Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 2nd July, 2017 urging the Indian government to stop mass killing in the name of protecting cow.

“There is no similarity between the Indian Premier Narendra Modi declared ‘Generous’ policy and the reality. A group of fanatic communal peoples are making an excuse in the name of protecting cow and carrying out unprecedented and barbaric repression against the innocent Muslims and killing them indiscriminately. The world is witnessing these brutalities silently. Neither the Indian government nor the international organizations are taking any effective steps to stop these mass killings.

It is the duty and obligation of the Indian government to protect life, properties and dignities of the minorities. The peoples with good conscience across the globe expect that Indian government would not neglect their due role and they would perform their constitutional and humanitarian responsibilities properly. We want to be optimistic that no one would be unfortunate victim of such communal attack anymore.

We are calling upon the Indian government and the peace loving communities around the world to undertake effective and vivid steps in this regard.”