24 June 2017, Sat, 6:48

Saudi police ‘foil Mecca Grand Mosque attack’; Jamaat Ameer reacts

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Ameer Maqbul Ahmad has issued the following statement on 24th June, 2017 expressing his wonder and shocking surprise at the incident of terrorist attack when a man who planned to attack the mosque blew himself up when security forces surrounded a house in Mecca where he was hiding that also injured another 11 people.

“The holy Kaaba, the grand Mosque of Mecca is the oldest ever Mosque for saying prayers. Since the time of Hazrat Ibrahim (A), peoples have been coming here to attend prayers and other rituals. This Holy House of Almighty Allah is the witness of the history. This is why; Baitullah and the city of Mecca is very sacred place and very close to the heart of the Muslims.

Centring Ramadan, the month when the holy Quran was revealed, millions of Muslims from around the world, come to the city of Mecca to perform their Omrah and Itiqaf. Millions of peoples also live inside the grand Mosque of Mecca. Amidst such an environment, if any vested quarter hatch any plan to cause casualties, would be an issue of severe objection and condemnation.

We hope, the government of Saudi Arabia would take all the necessary steps to ensure security and safety of Baitullah and all other holy places. We are praying to Almighty Allah for the protection of the Muslim Ummah from all sorts of evil plans and conspiracies.”