Central Executive Committee reiterates the demand for holding the election under a caretaker government

-Professor Mujibur Rahman

A meeting of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Central Executive Committee was held with the party’s Acting Ameer and former MP Professor Mujibur Rahman in the chair. The meeting adopted the following proposals to resolve the ongoing political stalemate and also to intensify the ongoing movement for restoring the caretaker government system in order to hold a free, fair, and credible election.

In 2008, following a pre-planned and farcical election, the Awami League government came to office. But coming to power, they gradually ruined all constitutional institutions.

They snatched the voting rights of the people away. To stay in power for a long, the Awami League government intentionally canceled the caretaker government system. To attain the demand for a caretaker government system, Awami League observed a strike for 173 days during the BNP’s reign from 1991 to 1996. After a tough struggle, movement, and sacrifice of lives and wealth, this caretaker government system was finally included in the Constitution. Later, giving an excuse for the higher court’s verdict, this fascist government scrapped the caretaker system. Since then, the atmosphere of a voteless election was created and the subsequent elections under the current regime became a farce.

In this 15-year-long regime of Awami League, democracy, human rights, freedom of speech and basic fundamental rights have been destroyed totally. The government has hijacked the voting rights of the people and made the electoral process fun.

People of all walks including political leaders, intellectuals, academicians, authors, and researchers desired a free, fair, credible, and participatory election. The democratic countries also expressed their wishes for a credible election. Jamaat-e-Islami thinks that the ongoing political crisis and stalemate can be resolved by holding an election under a caretaker government system.

Central Executive Committee of Jamaat-e-Islami urges to launch of a massive movement for restoring the caretaker government system by ensuring the participation of all political paries and different professions in a bid to assure the voting rights of the people. Besides, the committee called upon the government to stop harassment and repression and to arrange a credible and participatory election under the caretaker government system.