1 January 2017, Sun

The Municipality/Union/Ward Ameer

1. The Municipality/Union/Ward Ameer shall be elected for one year by the vote of the members (Rukons) of the concerned Municipality/Union/Ward.
2. The Municipality/Union/Ward Ameer may in consultation with the Municipality/Union/Ward Majlish-e-Shura or the Members (Rukons) Conference and with the approval of the Upazila/Thana Ameer appoint the Municipality/Union/Ward Nayeb-e-Ameer.
3. The Municipality/Union/Ward Ameer after being elected shall take oath before the Upazila/Thana Ameer or his representative in accordance with the form of oath as prescribed in the Second Schedule of the Constitution.
4. If the Municipality/Union/Ward Ameer loses the qualifications of a member or fails to perform the duties of the Organization or loses the confidence of the majority of the members, then the District/Metropolitan Ameer may terminate him.

*The Municipality/Union/Ward Ameer shall act as the representative of the Upazila/Thana Ameer in his concerned area and shall be responsible to the Upazila/Thana Ameer and the Municipality/Union/Ward Member (Rukons) Conference.