28 February 2024, Wed, 9:26

Secretary General protests government’s electricity price hike decision

-Mia Golam Porwar

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Secretary General and former lawmaker Professor Mia Golam Porwar has issued the following statement on 28th February, 2024 protesting and condemning the government’s decision of increasing electricity price from 1st of March.

“The decision of electricity price hike will have a domino effect upon the lives of the poor and impoverished people and particularly it will have negative impact on the prices of essentials ahead of Ramadan. I am vehemently condemning such anti-people decision of the government.

We have been observing with great concern that the incumbent illegitimate government has decided to increase electricity prices by Tk 0.34 and Tk 0.70 a unit from March. The authorities have already increased by Tk 0.75 per cubic metre the price of gas supplied to power plants and for captive power generation, said a gazette issued by the Energy and Mineral Resources Division. It will be another blow against the poor and low-income people of the country.

The country is going through a silent famine now. People are struggling to manage their basic food. How will they pay the increased power tariff? The government has taken the decision to deprive the poor from getting electricity facilities. This government has come through a voter less election and they are trying to fulfil the financial deficiency by increasing the power price. This power price hike decision will also create adverse impact upon the industry, agricultural sector and the overall economy.

We are urging the government to withdraw this unjust and illogical decision of power and gas price hike immediately.”