10 November 2023, Fri, 12:11

Natore district Jamaat leader Hafez Abdur Razzaq brutally murdered; district leaders condemn

Natore district Jaamat leaders protested and condemned the brutal murder of district Jamaat leader Hafez Abdur Razzaq.

Today on 10th November, Natore district’s Singra Upazila’s Chatar Dighi union Jamaat secretary Hafez Abdur Razzaq was picked up by some miscreants while he was returning home after saying the Juma prayer. The miscreants broke his legs and left him by the side of the road as critically injured.

Natore district Ameer Professor Dr. Mir Nurul Islam and district secretary Professor Sadequr Rahman protested and condemned this murder incident severely.

The leaders stated that Hafez Abdur Razzaq is an aged leader. The terrorists picked him up and made him injured critically. We are condemning the incident. They said, Natore is experiencing one after one secret murder and assault incidents in recent times. Public lives and properties are not secured but the administration is playing a passive and silent role. Jamaat leaders called for arresting the terrorists and demanded their exemplary punishment.