16 September 2023, Sat, 12:31

Thakurgaon district secretary and 60 others arrested; Acting Secretary General protests

Maulana ATM Masum

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Acting Secretary General Maulana ATM Masum has issued the following statement on 16th September 2023 protesting and condemning the arrest of 61 Jamaat-Shibir leaders and activists including district Secretary Muhammad Alamgir.

Police unlawfully arrested Thakurgaon district Secretary Muhammad Alamgir from his house on Saturday. Sirajganj Sadar thana police also arrested two Jamaat activists during a nightlong arrest drive. In last two days, 61 Jamaat-Shibir leaders and activists have been arrested from various places across the country. There was no arrest of warrant against them. The government is arresting opposition leaders and activists in order to attain its political vengeance. Earlier, 14 Jamaat leaders and activists secured bail from Mymensingh Judge Court. 5 of them were released but rest of the people were re-arrested from the jail gate once again in connection with a fresh false case. I am severely condemning these arrest drives.

Government’s tortures and repressions became intensified. Hundreds of opposition leaders and activists are being harassed and detained randomly. The leaders are being forced to leave their houses. The old aged family members, women and kids are being tortured psychologically. But people’s just movement can never be subdued by such repression. The government will be made compelled to leave office and also to let next election under caretaker government.

I am urging the concerned authorities to stop harassment and torture and to release all detainees including Thakurgaon district Secretary Muhammad Alamgir immediately. Besides, I am calling upon the government to restore caretaker government system in order to hold a free, fair and credible election.