12 September 2023, Tue, 10:37

Police attacks a procession of lawyers; at least 50 lawyers injured ; Acting Secretary General condemns

-Maulana ATM Masum

Acting Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Maulana ATM Masum has issued the following statement on 12th September 2023 protesting and condemning the police's attack on a procession of United Lawyers Forum that left at least 50 lawyers injured.

On 12th September, lawyers of Dhaka Bar gathered in front of Dhaka Bar Association under the banner of Union Lawyers Forum to press home the demands of the step down of the incumbent Sheikh Hasina-led government, resignation of the self-declared oath-bound judges and the unconditional release of BNP Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia. As the lawyers reached the adjacent road, police started charge baton against them indiscriminately which left at least 50 lawyers injured. I am condemning such undemocratic activities of the government.

The government has become reckless as they lost popularity massively. They are not eager to accept any criticism. The heinous attack against the lawyers is a clear violation of rule of law, democracy and human rights.

Under the regime of the incumbent tyrannical government, people of all professions including lawyers, journalists and businessmen are becoming the victims of torture and repression. I am urging the people of all walks to raise voices against the oppressions of the government.

I am also calling upon the government to stop torture and harassment and to step down immediately in order to facilitate a free, fair and credible election under a neutral caretaker government.