14 August 2023, Mon, 12:12

7 Jamaat leaders and activists arrested from Rampal; Acting Secretary General protests

-Maulana ATM Masum

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Acting Secretary General Maulana ATM Masum has issued the following statement on 14th August 2023 protesting and condemning the unjustified arrest of 7 Jamaat leaders and activists arrested from Rampal Upazila of Bagerhat district.

Police have conducted an arrest drive in various places of Rampal Upazila and arrested 7 Jamaat leaders and activists. There was no arrest warrant against them. These arrest drive without any specific warrant is evidence of the arbitrary desires of the law enforcers. The law enforcers are being used as a tool of the government instead of discharging their regular duties. I am vehemently condemning this arrest drive.

The government has been carrying out torture and repression against the opposition parties including Jamaat-e-Islami just to stay in power illegally. The government wants to weaken the ongoing movement by the means of mass arrest, attack and issuance of false cases. No government in the past could stay in the office by dint of repression and this government will not be able too.

I am demanding immediate release of all detained leaders and activists of Jamaat-e-Islami including 7 Jamaat men of Bagerhat district. Besides, I am calling upon the government to stop torture and repression at once and also to hand over power to the caretaker government in order to hold a free, fair and credible election.