21 March 2023, Tue, 2:31

Police arrested Jamaat leaders from a marriage ceremony in Rajshahi; Acting Secretary General condemns

- Maulana ATM Masum

Acting Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Maulana ATM Masum has issued the following statement on 21st March 2023 protesting the arrest of 6 Jamaat leaders including the city’s Assistant Secretary Professor Abdus Samad from a marriage ceremony in Rajshahi and another two activists after they came out of the mosque following the Esha prayer.

Rajshahi city Jamaat’s Assistant Secretary Professor Abdus Samad attended a marriage ceremony in the city’s Alir Mor area under Kashiadangi thana. But without any reason, police cordoned off the venue, arrested Professor Abdus Samad, Sharifuzzaman Hasan, and another 6 people, and foiled the entire program. Police’s actions are unexpected, unprecedented, and shameful. I am vehemently protesting and condemning such arrest incidents.

While Rajpara thana’s Assistant Secretary Babor Ali Liton and Jamaat activist Ekhlasur Rahman were arrested by the Rajpara thana police after they came out of the mosque following the Esha prayer. Without any case or warrant, they have been arrested just for their affiliation with Jamaat-e-Islami. Such an approach and action can never be accepted.

No person is safe under the current regime. General people are being arrested from religious and social programs and from ordinary places like mosques, marriage ceremonies, and funeral and burial events. Jamaat is the biggest systematic and democratic Islamic party in this country. Jamaat is a deeply rooted organization. So, this party can not be eliminated by arrest drive or repression.

The government has seized people’s freedom of speech and other basic rights away. Entire nation has turned into a police state. Instead of discharing regular duties, the law enforcers are being used as a tool of repression by the governent. But the conseuence of oppressing the people with dissident views will never be useful for anyone.

I am urging the policemen to protect and preseve public lives and properties and also calling upon the concerned authoritues to stop repression and relese all detained Jamaat leaders and activists inmediately.