15 March 2023, Wed, 9:41

Unprecedented mayhem centering SCBA elections

Several journalists and lawyers injured inside the court compound; Acting Secretary General condemns

- Maulana ATM Masum

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Acting Secretary General Maulana ATM Masum issued the following statement on 15th March 2023 protesting and condemning the mayhem of the Pro-Awami League lawyers and the police’s indiscriminate attack against the lawyers and the journalists during the Supreme Court Bar Association election today.

Today, the first day of the Supreme Court Bar Association election was marked by grabbing booths, expelling the opposition’s candidates from the voting centers, and merciless baton charges of the police forces against the lawyers and the journalists. These incidents have stigmatized the history of the Supreme Court. The way police entered the court compound and attacked the lawyers and the journalists is unprecedented. The lawyers of the apex court have been struggling for years for establishing the constitution, rule of law, justice, and human rights. They are respected by all. But by beating them mercilessly, the police have set a bad example.

Whatever is happening inside the court compound centering this election in the last couple of days is totally unexpected in a civilized country. Awami League has appointed a party man as the election commissioner for this election. They actually did this to take the result in their favor. Today’s incidents once again proved that a fair and credible election is not possible under the incumbent regime.

I am condemning the Awami League’s intentional activities to stigmatize this election. Besides, I am calling upon all stakeholders including the democratic forces, political parties, professional platforms, and people of all sections to initiate a massive movement aginst the tyrannical government and also to intensify the movement for restoring caretaker government in order to secure their voting rights.