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26 March 2017, Sun, 10:15

National unity is a must to free the country from terrorism

Blasts in militant den in Sylhet kill 6 including two cops; Secretary General expresses concern

22 March 2017, Wed, 10:22

No alternative to National unity for resisting militancy

Secretary General expresses concern as innocent peoples are being branded and murdured as militants

19 March 2017, Sun, 9:01

The holy Quran humiliation incident in Comilla

Professor Mujib demands punishment of the miscreants

18 March 2017, Sat, 9:16

Jamaat and Chhatrashibir men rearrested from Jessore and Joypurhat

Hamidur Rahman Azad demands immediate release of the detained party activists

14 March 2017, Tue, 8:24

Jamaat and Chhatrashibir have no connection with Hizbut-Tahrir and Hizbut-Tawhid

Hamidur Rahman Azad lambasts several media for publishing false news against Jamaat-e-Islami

10 March 2017, Fri, 2:56

People are still uninformed about the treaties

Secretary General urges government not to sign any anti-national security deal with India

7 March 2017, Tue, 9:58

Secretary General protests; calls to repeal

False charge sheet submitted against top opposition leaders