29 January 2024, Mon

Winter clothes distributed in Meherpur district

Government is not paying heed to mass suffering as they are busy in looting and corruption, says Mobarak Hossain

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s central executive committee member and Jessore-Kushtia region’s coordinator Mobarak Hossan said, the middle and east-western parts of the country are severely suffering from coldness. In last couple of days, even sun is not visible due to extreme fog. People of all walks, particularly the old and the youth are suffering the most. Because of the extremity of the cool weather, students cannot study properly and the school authorities became compelled to postpone classes. People of these area and their domestic animals are also facing hardships. Livelihood and general lifestyle are being hampered. The low-income people’s sufferings know no bounds as their income came down to a nominal level. People are passing days in starvation.

He said this while addressing a winter cloth distribution program, arranged by Meherpur district Jamaat-e-Islami on Monday. District Ameer Maulana Taj Uddin Khan presided over the program. Among ithers, Jessore-Kushtia region’s team member Dr. Alamgir Bishash and district Jamaat leader Awlad Hossain and Jarjis Hossain were present on the occasion.

Mobarak Hossain further said, Jamaat-e-Islami is a noble organization and tries to take stand by the side of the people. It is our tradition and as a part of it, we came here with some gifts. We hope, it will lessen your crisis. Jamaat had been by the side of the helpless people and will be as well. But we cannot do such benevolent works as per our desire due to barriers created by this oppressive regime. They do not have any liability toward the people as they are not an elected authority. He urged the affluent corners to come forward to help the winter affected people.