Thursday, 06th August, 2020
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Current Affairs
Govt raises gas prices significantly
Thursday, 23 February 2017
The Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission on Thursday announced its decision to increase prices of gas for all kinds of use by an average of 22.7 per cent.    The rate-hike will be applicable for all kinds of users including households and industrial units. However, the commission made a clever move about the tariff-hike by making effectiveness of the decision in two phases -- from 1 March and 1 June. Accordingly, the rate of gas tariff has been raised to Tk 750 from Tk 600 for each single burner and to Tk 800 from Tk 650 for double burners since 1 March, but the tariff has actually been fixed at Tk 900 for each single burner and at Tk 950 for each double burners to be effective from 1 June next. The last time the commission raised the gas price was in September 2015 when it announced 26.29 per cent price-hike on average. In accordance with the latest decision, the price of per cubic metre of gas will increase to Tk 38 from 1 March and Tk 40 from 1 June. After the rate-hike in September 2015, the CNG rate stood at Tk 35 per cubic metre from Tk 30 per cubic metre.