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Press Release
Lawyers meet Mir Quasem Ali; get instruction to submit review petition
Thursday, 14 April 2016

Three lawyers have met Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s central Executive Committee member Mir Quasem Ali in the Kashimpur central jail today. They are Matiur Rahman Akanda, Ehsan A Siddique and Mir Ahmad Bin Quasem.

The lawyers met Mir Quasem Ali to consult with him about the next course of actions as the Appellate Division has dismissed the appeal filed by Mir Quasem Ali against the tribunal order that awarded him death penalty. At that time, Mir Quasem Ali opined that after the revealing of the full judgment, a review petition must be submitted pointing out different loopholes and legal inconsistencies of the verdict. Jamaat leader claimed, the charge in which his death penalty upheld and other charges in which he has been convicted and sentenced different terms of imprisonment, are completely false and baseless. No witness has not implicated him directly or did not claim to see him in place of occurrence. Even the prosecution submitted documents clearly substantiated that during the offences he was in Dhaka, not in Chittagong. But he has been convicted with the Chittagong related incidents. Thus he has been deprived from justices.

Mir Quasem Ali stated that during the appeal hearing, the chief justices had talked about the legal inconsistencies and loopholes of the prosecution case in the open court and this is why the countrymen understood clearly that this case is totally false and bogus. During the review hearing, those legal inconsistencies must be upheld with due importance. I am expecting to be acquitted if justice is ensured.

Mir Quasem Ali further said I am not in fear of death. Every living creature has to die. Allah will make the final decision about our fate. He witnesses and listen everything. I am reiterated that, the doctrine of Almighty Allah will be established in His sacred land and the oppressor regime will be dethroned.

Mir Quasem Ali also conveys salam to the countrymen and seeks prayer and support from the people.”