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Press Release
Lawyers meet Maulana Nizami; gets instruction ahead of 3rd May’s review hearing
Thursday, 28 April 2016
Lawyers have met the Ameer of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and former minister Maulana Matiur Rahman Nizami in the Kashimpur central jail him today (28th April, 2016). Matiur Rahman Akanda, Mashiul Alam and Nazib Momen were among the lawyer’s panel.
Earlier, the Appellate Division dismissed the Appeal petition filed by Maulana Nizami’s lawyers against the tribunal order which had handed down death penalty against Maulana Nizami. Later, as per his instruction a review petition has been filed in the Appellate Division.
Consequently, the honorable Supreme Court has fixed 3rd May for the review hearing. In this backdrop, the lawyers met him today to take his instruction. At that time, Maulana Nizami upheld the loopholes of the verdict and advised the lawyers to place them properly during the hearing. Maulana Nizami claimed the witnesses which were brought against him, are completely false. The witnesses also admitted that they had never seen Maulana Nizami prior to 1986 election. If the testimonies of the witnesses are considered properly, there is no way to convict him anymore. He hopes that the Apex Court would ensure justice to him and he would be acquitted by the grace of Almighty Allah.
During today’s meet, Maulana Nizami said, “as per my knowledge, in my personal and political life, I have not hurt anyone. The government has lodged false case against me as a part of their conspiracy to kill me. I am ready to optimum sacrifice for the ideology, for which I have been conducting politics throughout my life.”
Maulana Nizami also urged the family members and the leaders and activists of the Islamic movement to face the situation with patience. He claimed, Almighty Allah announced in the holy Quran to bestow bounties to the patient people. Through the lawyers, Maulana Matiur Rahman Nizami conveyed his Salam and greetings to the countrymen and requested all to pray for him.