Friday, 23rd October, 2020
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Press Release
Defence counsel of Maulana Nizami denounces Attorney General's ill-motivated propaganda
Wednesday, 02 December 2015
Advocate Saifur Rahman, on behalf of the defence counsels of Jamaat Ameer Maulana Matiur Rahman Nizami has said that the Attorney General\'s claim that \'Maulana Nizami has accepted his crime\' is nothing but a part of the continuous propaganda to humiliate the top Jamaat leaders.   The defence counsels of Maulana Nizami have accomplished the 3 day long argument in the Appellate Division today. Following the session, the Attorney General of the state briefed the media. At that time, he wrongly stated that, the lawyers of Maulana Nizami in their argument accepted the crimes and asked to commute the death sentence. But the real fact is, the defence counsels of Maulana Nizami had submitted 271 pages of written argument before the court and with those logics and legal facts, they clearly proved Maulana Nizami\'s innocence and pressed for his complete acquittal. A copy of that written argument has been supplied to the Attorney General as well.   In this instant protest statement, the defence counsels of Maulana Nizami clearly asserted that they did not bring the issue of accepting crimes before the court even for once. Rather they categorically and repeatedly claimed that their client Maulana Nizami is innocent and he should be acquitted from all the charges. While, chief counsel of Maulana Nizami, Advocate Khondokar Mahbub Hossain submitted that Maulana Nizami may deliver some statement or speeches in support of united Pakistan but the prosecution has miserably failed to establish his link with any of the charges, which had been brought against him.   He further submitted that no case or GD is far away, even no person or media had ever termed Maulana Nizami as Razakar or Al Badar commander prior to his first participation in the national election of 1986. Besides, the tribunal in 414 paragraph of their judgment, clearly stated that Maulana Nizami is a distinguished Islamic scholar and a man with decent personality.  In addition, he is an aged man and suffering from different ailments for long days. He finally urged the honorable Appellate Division to consider all the aforesaid issues while delivering judgment. Misinterpreting these issues, the Attorney General once again proved that the government wants to do politics with this trial. His ill effort also goes against the professional ethics and decency.  The defence counsels of Maulana Nizami condemns the ill-motivated propaganda strongly.   On behalf of Maulana Nizami\'s defence counsel Advocate Saifur Rahman