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Kamaruzzaman meets lawyers in Dhaka central jail Allegations brought against me are entirely false; I am not worried at Death penalty
Saturday, 21 February 2015
The lawyers met detained Senior Assistant Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Muhammad Kamaruzzaman in the Dhaka central jail this morning. In the panel of lawyers there were Mashiul Alam, Tajul Islam, Motiur Rahman Akanda, Barrister Ehsan A. Siddique and Shishir Mohammad Monir. 
The lawyers discussed with Muhammad Kamaruzzan on filing review petition. Mr. Kamaruzzaman at that time, instructed his lawyers to file review petition within 15 days after receiving the certified copy of the verdict. He also underlined to take preparation focusing the loopholes and inconsistencies of the verdict. He claimed, after receiving the certified copy, I would be able to know, in which charges and on what ground, they had issued death penalty against me. I want to assert that, I am truly innocent. Allegations brought against me are entirely false. I am not worried with the verdict of death penalty. I firmly believe that, if the Supreme Court considers my review and ensure justice, and then I would be acquitted. I seek prayers to the countrymen.
Muhammad Kamaruzzaman stated that, I was a higher secondary level student during the 1971 war of liberation. A boy of that age in those days is going to face execution just for political purposes. Many peoples who had assisted the then Pakistani government and collaborated with the army men are accompanying the incumbent Prime Minister. Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir, Advocate Kamrul Islam or the Mosharraf, the father-in-law of the Premier’s daughter are with the Prime Minister now and that’s why they are not being tried. The government had arranged a staged trial against me and handed down death penalty against me as I was very bold and strong against imperialism, communism, the cheating and forgery of Awami League, their extreme greed for power and high inclination for corruption while discharging my duties as a politician and a journalist. By carrying out this execution, the conspirators would not be spared. In all the decades and times, the quarter that had conspired against Islam had been doomed. By murdering the Islamist, the Islamic movement cannot be subdued rather it gets more speed and dynamism. 
Muhammad Kamaruzzaman stated that, life and death is a very common and indispensable fact of human life. Each and every people will get his evaluation on the final Day of Judgment. Though I am facing injustice in this world, I will be rewarded in the world hereafter. The leaders and activists of the Islamic movement had formed an all out resistance against the torture, repression and wrongdoings of the government. Almighty Allah will bless them with bounties and reward for their effort. A practicing Muslim should not expect reward for his good deeds in this worldly life. The real award should be provided in the Akhirat and the success of that time is the real and ultimate success for a Muslim. The people who had implicated me with false charges, placed false testimony against me and carried injustice against me without realizing the truth, Almighty Allah will try them in His own way on the Judgment Day.
I have struggled all through my life for the sake of the people and the country and for establishing people’s rights and democratic values. The truth seeking people will discover the real fact one day and reject the falsehood. That will be the real triumph for the truth and justice.
He asked the lawyers to continue their legal fight. He added, one judge of the Appellate division have made dissenting view in the judgment. The review should be filed on the basis of his view and other inconsistencies of the judgment. If the testimony and loopholes of the witnesses are scrutinized, then it becomes apparent that they had placed false statement. Finally, he conveys Salam and greetings to the countrymen through his lawyers and seeks prayer from the people of the countrymen.