Saturday, 28th November, 2020
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Mujahid during meeting with Defense lawyers: I am not worried about the punishment of government’s political vengeance
Saturday, 27 July 2013
Saturday, 27 JULY, 2013.
          Three members of defense lawyer meet to Mujahid in Dhaka central Jail last Friday. They are senior lawyer barrister Abdur Razzak, Emran A Siddique and Motiur Rahaman Akanda.
Ali Ahsan Mohammed Mujahid gave essential direction about the appeal during meeting. He said that I heard the arguments with concentration given by witness.
There is no opportunity to convict me with those false allegations. Prosecution could not prove any allegations against me. The investigation officer of this case has admitted that he did not get any proof about me during war.
After that, tribunal has given me higher punishment. I have been deprived from justice. Mujahid said that hundreds of people died naturally every day. 
There is no relation of ideal with this death. Allah set the death of people when he dies. No people can change the decision of Allah. So it does not matter. I am not worried about that. I am always ready to give my life for sake of Allah.