13 February 2017, Mon

Ibne Golam Samad

Veteran educationist and columnist Ibne Golam Samad wrote on a daily newspaper “Jamaat -e-Islami is not a fanatic fundamentalist Islamist party in Bangladesh. Actually it is a moderate organization believing in Muslim values. Recently many leaders Europe and America are considering Jamaat as a moderate Islamic party. But Bangladesh Awami league is trying to prove Jamaat as an Islamist bigoted fundamentalist party. Therefore If Awami League fails Jamaat will climb to the power of the country.

It is a noticeable matter that in the time of former Pakistan Jamaat was not anymore a strong. it became popular and stronger after 1971. Jamaat believing in Islamic values took part in the elections and its popularity was noticeably had been increasing. During the BNP-Jamaat allied government formed in 2001 election two leaders became ministers from Jamaat. Actually that was happened for increasing popularity of the party. When AL needs it take Jamaat as a friend again blame it as various illogical blame. Why? Actually the ruling AL party is following a double standard policy.

Source: The Daily Naya Diganta