13 December 2013, Fri

Major (retd.) Akhtaruzzaman

You, your party Al and Subhash sing's party didn't say anything against Jamaat that day. Jamaat was your favorite party once even you made alliance with Jamaat. You saluted on the legs of Jamaat leaders. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Jamaat didn't make mischief to this country as much as you did. Nobody did destroy to this country as much you did.

That's why I am saying I am not getting angry. Well, Jamaat is at stake so I am standing for it. I think it is unjust against Jamaat. I am supporting Jamaat at this moment. Bangabondhu forgave them at 1973 but you are prosecuting against the same allegations and killed a person through judicial killing (Abdul Quader Molla). He told these on a television talk show named Tritiya Matra at Channel I to answer a question of a viewer.

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