10 May 2017, Wed, 9:48

In Bangladesh 699 workers died in workplace accidents in 2016: Report

At least 888 workers died and 1093 were injured in workplace-related accidents and violence in Bangladesh in 2016, says a new study.
The study titled ‘Occupational Accident, Violence and Industrial Dispute-2016’ also claimed that there had been 73 incidents of kidnapping, 22 suicide incidents and three missing incidents in 2016, reports UNB.

The study conducted by Bangladesh Institute of Labour Studies (BILS) released on Sunday claimed that 699 workers, including 28 women, were killed in workplace accidents.

The BILS also released findings on another study titled ‘May Day implications versus practices: Five popular labour intensive sectors’ on the same day that showed that many workers work over eight hours a day.

The sectors are highway transport, hotel/restaurant, re-rolling, security guards and private hospital and diagnostic centres.
The estimated number of injuries caused in accidents totalled 703, including 174 women, according to the study findings revealed ahead of the May Day.

Workplace violence caused death to 189 workers, including 40 women, during the period. The total number of injured was 390, including 81 women.
Beside workplace accidents and violence, 149 workers were killed and 96 workers injured in road accidents, including 115 men and 34 women.
The highest number of workplace-related accidental deaths took place in the transport sector.

At least 249 workers died in this sector. The second highest 85 deaths happened in the construction sector while the third highest sector was fishing sector, with 52 deaths.

Besides, 46 agriculture workers, 39 of foil and packaging, 38 day labourers, 28 migrant workers, 11 workshop workers, 10 electric workers, 10 rice mill workers, nine RMG workers and domestic workers and eight ship-breaking and tyre factory workers died at workplaces in different types of accidents.

The highest numbers of workplace violence-related deaths were recorded in the transport sector, while 39 workers died in different types of workplace violence.

The second highest 17 deaths were reported in the case of violence against domestic workers, while 15 shop workers, 14 security guards, 12 agriculture workers, nine RMG workers and eight migrant workers died in violence and brutal attacks, the report says.