2 May 2017, Tue, 10:07

Police can’t avoid responsibility of father-daughter’s suicide: NHRC

Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission Kazi Reazul Hoque on Monday said the police and public representatives cannot avoid the responsibility over the alleged suicide of a man along with his minor girl for failing to get justice.
He made the remarks during a visit to the house of victim Hazrat Ali of Kanapur village in Sreepur upazila, reports UNB.
Hazrat, 45, along with his daughter Ayesha Akhter, 8, allegedly committed suicide jumping before a train near Sreepur Railway Station on Saturday morning after having failed to get justice for an attempt to violate the minor girl and grab his land.
The NHRC chief talked to the widow of Hazrat and enquired about her.
He blamed those had long been trying to grab the land of Hazrat and those made the rape attempt on his girl for their death.
Reazul also said the local public representatives who are supposed to provide security to the victims failed to perform their duty properly and the police administration did not take any action in this regard. “The negligence here is a human rights violation and a criminal offence.”
Hazrat’s wife Halima Begum alleged that her husband and daughter took their lives having failed to endure the injustice.
She said their neighbour Faruk, 23, tried to violate their girl, Ayesha, eight months ago while Khaledque was trying to grab their land.
Meanwhile, police super Harun-or-Rashid said they arrested UP member Abul Hossain Bepari for not looking into the allegation although he promised to do it before their death.
He also said action will be taken if any negligence of duty is found on the part of the police.
Besides, police were deployed at the house of Halima to ensure her security, said the SP.