29 January 2023, Sun, 9:55

Central Executive Committee expresses concern over massive price hike of the essentials

A meeting of the Central Executive Committee was held with party’s Acting Ameer and former MP Professor Mujibur Rahman in the chair. The meeting adopted the following proposals:

“Central Executive Committee of Jamaat-e-Islami is observing with deep concern that the mass people are severely suffering due to unprecedented price hikes of the essentials. In addition, the government is increasing the prices of oil, gas, electricity, and water frequently. The service charges both in the public and private sector are also on the rise. But people’s income is not increasing proportionately. Consequently, the situation caused a negative impact on public lives.

No marketing system has been established in the 14 years of rule of the incumbent government. The government has no control over the market. Rather several syndicates have been formed under the backing of the governent, who are influencing the market for their financial interest. These syndicates are the main reason behind the price hike. Instead of lessening the mass suffering, the government is intensifying the crisis.

Jamaat’s central executive committee is urging the government to curb the increasing trend of commodity’s prices and also to keep the price within the capacity of the people.