25 July 2022, Mon, 12:27

Jamaat-e-Islami calls to resolve power crisis; blames mismanagement of the power sector

-Dr. Shafiqur Rahman

A meeting of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s central working committee was held on 23rd July with party’s Ameer Dr. Shafiqur Rahman in the chair.

The meeting expressed deep concern over the ongoing nationwide power crisis and adopted the following proposal.
Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s central working committee is observing with great concern that, due to massive corruption and irrational decisions of the government, a severe crisis has been created in the power sector of the country. A miserable condition has been created because of daylong load shedding. The mills and factories and production sector have been experiencing disastrous impacts due to power shortages. Inadequacy of power caused a gas crisis which compelled to shut down of south Asia’s largest fertilizer production factories Chittagong Uria Fertilizer and Jamuna Uria fertilizer limited. Such shut down of the local fertilizer production factories will hamper agricultural production as well. Lots of foreign currencies are required to import fertilizers from abroad. While the forex reserve is in a volatile condition that makes the fertilizer import process uncertain too. All these situations will create a food crisis in Bangladesh. Industrial production will be reduced due to the power crisis. The government so far made a verbal noise about power production but in reality, those are nothing but a deception to the people.

In excuse of temporary tenure, the government has been procuring power from quick rental plants at a high price. These plants have to pay capacity charges even if their electricity is not received.

Under the regime of the incumbent government, a huge amount of money has been spent in the name of capacity charges. Based on people’s money a vested quarter became billionaire. Though a significant amount of money is being spent in the last couple of years to pursue quick rental, practically it failed to resolve the power crisis.

The central working committee of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami urged the government to take immediate effective steps to remove the mismanagement of the power sector and also to free the citizen from the unbearable suffering of the power crisis.