19 June 2022, Sun, 9:08

Maulana Abdul Halim distributes relief in flood-affected Dimla Upazila under Nilphamari district

-Maulana Abdul Halim

Overflow of water in Teesta river has caused a critical situation in Dimla Upazila under Nilphamari district. The embankment, located in 9 number Tepakhoribari union has been collapsed and subsequently, some 150 families of the area became waterlogged. Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami distributed relief among the flood victims of Dimla Upazila this afternoon. Jamaat’s Assistant Secretary General Maulana Abdul Halim was present over there as the chief guest.

At that time, Maulana Abdul Halim said, the countrymen are experiencing a severe crisis now. Many houses, cropland, cattle, and domestic animals, and other establishments have been destroyed in this flood. When the flood victims are suffering from an acute crisis, in such a period, some opportunist and hybrid leaders are trying to gain their financial interest, which is really regrettable to the nation.

Jamaat-e-Islami always tries to keep by the side of the victims during the natural catastrophe. The party tries to assist people according to its limited capacities. Jamaat’s basic agenda is to work for the betterment and welfare of the poor and impoverished people. As a part of our tradition and legacy, we are here in Dimla to serve you. We have distributed dry food among 120 helpless families today.

It is the directives of the Holy Prophet (pbuH) to take by the side of the helpless people. So, the rich quarter of the society should come forward to help the poverty-stricken people. Jamaat’s basic agenda is to work for the betterment and welfare of the poor and impoverished people. So, the party will remain by the side of the people both in season and out of season.

Among others, Nilphamari district Jamaat’s Secretary Maulana Abdus Sattar, Assistant Secretary Anwarul Islam, Dimla Upazila council’s former vice-chairman Professor Maulana Mujibur Rahman, Dimla Upazila Jamaat Ameer Mohiur Rahman, and others were present on the occasion.