7 May 2022, Sat, 2:23

Chittagong city Jamaat organized a discussion on the eve of historic Balakot Day

We should make a vow to secure Islamic movement’s victory by establishing an Islamic state, says Advocate Moazzem Hossain Helal

Chittagong city Jamaat-e-Islami organized a discussion program on the eve of the historic Balakot Day, which was presided by Jamaat’s Assistant Secretary General and Chittagong city Jamaat Ameer Muhammad Shahjahan. Jamaat’s Assistant Secretary General Advocate Moazzem Hossain Helal addressed the program as the chief guest.

The chief Guest of the program said in his address that, the Balakot incident was an inspiring and motivating incident for the Islamic movement. Despite such a massive blow, the Muslims of this continent did not stop even for a while.

Imprisonment, execution, and confiscation of properties could not break them down. The British imperialists had to leave this land finally and we also became able to achieve our independence. Syed Ahmad Barelvi wanted to establish a comprehensive Islamic society in this sub-continent. In those times, 11 wars were taken place between the Muslims and Shikhs. The Muslims secured victory in most of the wars. But in a face-to-face war on 6th May of 1831, Syed Ahmad Barelvi and 135 other religious scholars were mercilessly killed. Later, based on the spirit of this war, Maulana Maududi launched a movement namely Jamaat-e-Islami.

Advocate Helal said, in order to protect national independence and sovereignty, We should make a vow to secure the Islamic movement’s victory by establishing an Islamic state. Central Majlish-e-Shura member and Chittagong city Secretary Principal Muhammad Nurul Amin hosted the program. Professor Dr. Abu Ehsan also delivered his opinion while addressing the program. Among others, central Shura member and Chittagong city Nayeb-e-Ameer AZM Obaidullah, Muhammad Nazrul Islam and assistant Secretary Muhammad Ullah addressed the program.

Assistant Secretary General Muhammad Shahjahan greeted the participants on the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr. He further said, from the historical perspective and the present context, the incident of Balakot is very significant. If our predecessors could not free this land from British imperialism, then we could not be able to claim ourselves as a free and independent nation.

AZM Obaidullah said, we have to lead the struggle for establishing Islam in this country based on the spirit of the Balakot incident. Muhammad Nazrul Islam said it was an anti-British movement. The spirit of this movement should be nurtured and instilled within the mind of the young generation. No one can keep his faith strong without having a longing and desire for martyrdom.