1 November 2019, Fri, 12:41

Lawyers meet ATM Azharul Islam at Kashimpur central jail

ATM Azhar denies all the allegations; affirms desire to accept martyrdom

5 member lawyers panel led by Supreme Court lawyer Advocate Matiur Rahman Akanda have met detained Assistant Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami ATM Azharul Islam at Kashimpur central jail today. This is the first meeting between Mr. Azhar and his lawyers since the appellate division upheld his death penalty by a majority view on Thursday.

So far, he is physically fit and mentally he is very strong. He instructed his lawyers to file a review petition immediate after the publication of the detailed verdict.

Talking to the lawyers, ATM Azharul Islam said, “I was just 18 during 1971. Nobody would believe that a boy of that age can murder 1400 people. But they have concocted such a cock and bull story to manage a death penalty, which is nothing but a repression against me. Supreme Court is the Apex court. One of the justices of the appellate division has given a dissenting view about this verdict. This reality proves that it is a questionable verdict. It is my humble question before the good conscience of the people, if a death penalty is given on the basis of some so-called witnesses who saw the offence from 7- and 3-kilometer distance, isn’t it a murder?

ATM Azhar further said, “I have no nexus with the allegations which have been brought against me. I have not committed any crime. So, I have nothing to be worried. After hearing the verdict of the appellate division, my mind has become firmer than it was before. It would be a martyrdom if they execute me unjustifiably. In that case, I would consider myself as a fortunate one. I am ready to accept martyrdom.

ATM Azhar said, death is the inevitable truth. So, if that comes from martyrdom, that would pave the way for me to reach paradise. By the will of Almighty Allah, I will accept that death happily.

Mr. Azhar extended his greetings and salaam to the fellow countrymen and sought their sincere doa and prayers so that he can remain firm and strong till the last moment of his life.