13 April 2017, Thu, 8:20

Prime Minister failed to protect national interest in her India trip

Jamaat-e-Islami declares nationwide peaceful protest demonstration on Saturday

12 April 2017, Wed, 11:57

Urges to take due steps on emergency basis to stop Mangal Shovajatra procession on Pahela Boishakh

Professor Mujib rejects the untrue remark of the Prime Minister

12 April 2017, Wed, 7:08

Prime Minister\\\'s address on India visit is full of incoherence

Secretary General calls to disclose all the signed treaties with India

12 April 2017, Wed, 7:13

The nation is subdued by the authoritarian government; unified protest is required

Jamaat Ameer greets the countrymen on the occasion of New Bengali year

10 April 2017, Mon, 10:23

All the treaties and MoU signed with India must be made public

Jamaat Ameer expresses concern as Prime Minister failed to preserve national interest in her visit to India

8 April 2017, Sat, 11:39

Farmers should be given loans without any interest

Ameer-e- Jamaat urges to send relief, foods and medicines to the torrential rain affected area

8 April 2017, Sat, 9:58

Treaties signed to serve Indian interest; Government failed to secure due share of water from common rivers

Secretary General calls to disclose all the signed treaties with India

2 April 2017, Sun, 10:22

Government has created the issue of militancy to conceal its own failure

Rafiqul Islam Khan denounces the false comment of Shipping Minister; Jamaat has no connection with militancy

1 April 2017, Sat, 6:17

Teachers are being insulted and humiliated repeatedly by the ruling party activists

Hamidur Rahman Azad demands exemplary punishments of the Chhatra League hooligans

30 March 2017, Thu, 7:35

Government orders all educational institutions to observe mongol Shovajatra on Pahela Boishakh

Professor Mujib slams the government; terms the decision as anti-constitutional and unlawful

26 March 2017, Sun, 11:30

Jamaat has no connection with any terrorist attack incidents

Hamidur Rahman Azad rejects the false report of Daily Manab Zamin

26 March 2017, Sun, 11:51

National unity is a must to free the country from terrorism

Blasts in militant den in Sylhet kill 6 including two cops; Secretary General expresses concern

22 March 2017, Wed, 10:27

No alternative to National unity for resisting militancy

Secretary General expresses concern as innocent peoples are being branded and murdured as militants